Hypnotherapy Barry

Hypnotherapy Barry

Hypnotherapy Barry & Cardiff

Hypnotherapy Barry and Cardiff is a professional hypnotherapy service that can help you to achieve your goal. Consultations are strictly confidential and use advanced hypnosis techniques that promote rapid changes in a variety of anxiety and stress-related conditions.

Many people commonly associate hypnotherapy as an effective treatment for conditions such as smoking cessation, weight loss, phobias and unwanted habits. It can also be used to treat panic attacks, self confidence and self esteem issues, relationship issues and depression. As with other talking therapies, hypnotherapy can be used to treat conditions that affect your thoughts, emotions and behaviour such as public speaking, sports performance and sexual performance-related issues. You can access a more comprehensive list of conditions here.


Hypnotherapy Barry & Cardiff offers effective hypnotherapy treatments

across South Wales including The Vale of Glamorgan


How can you benefit from Hypnotherapy Barry and Cardiff treatments?

Hypnotherapy Barry & Cardiff
Hypnotherapy Barry & Cardiff can help you to achieve your goal

Experience – Richard has been in clinical practise since 1997. He has treated a wide range of conditions; many common and some quite obscure. His open approach to treating your condition will ensure that this extensive experience will be applied only where it is helpful, whilst still respecting your individual needs and background.

Expertise – Knowing which techniques to use and how to use them to get results is a skill Richard has developed with his extensive practise.  Analytical, solution-focused and regression techniques are just some of the therapeutic methods employed to help you achieve your goal.

Professionalism – Richard is a registered member of the top 3 hypnotherapy associations: The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council, The Hypnotherapy Association, and a senior hypnotherapist with The General Hypnotherapy Register. When you are treated by a registered practitioner, you can be assured that they follow strict guidelines of clinical practise and professional conduct.


Hypnotherapy Barry & Cardiff:

A short journey will be worth taking to ensure that you get results


Booking a hypnotherapy treatment

This hypnosis test has been designed to help you assess your level of suggestibility prior to booking your first appointment. There is more information about the hypnotic experience and hypnotherapy as a method of treatment in the article that follows the test.

You can contact me by telephone, text or email to discuss the suitability of your condition prior to making an appointment. Following this discussion, a mutually convenient appointment will be allocated to you. Your appointment can then be confirmed using the PayPal deposit link found in the Contact Details page.


What happens in your first hypnotherapy Barry & Cardiff consultation?

In the first part of your consultation, your personal details are confirmed and the following stages are then completed:

  • A brief medical history is taken to identify if any medical conditions are impacting on your presenting condition or on your ability to achieve your goal.
  • Recent lifestyle changes are examined to determine if they are affecting your ability to achieve your goal.
  • General lifestyle issues (e.g. sleeping patterns and eating habits) are analysed to help identify how you are coping with your presenting condition.
  • Background issues directly related to your presenting condition or therapeutic goal are discussed to identify causes and help understand the development of your condition to its current state.
  • Any fears and misconceptions about hypnosis are identified and alleviated. More information on the experience of hypnosis can be found in the follow-on article in the hypnosis test (see link above).
  • Your treatment goal is confirmed and a treatment plan is devised, taking into account all of the previous stages of the initial part of the consultation.

In the second stage of the consultation, hypnotic techniques are used to treat your presenting condition and focus you towards your therapeutic goal.


What happens in your follow-up treatments?

In any follow-up consultations, the first part of the session will review your progress from the first consultation and any other significant developments will also be discussed. Suggestions and advanced techniques used for the hypnosis (in the second part of the session) are continuously adapted to focus you towards your goal.


Hypnotherapy Barry & Cardiff: Location

The Therapy Centre: Hypnotherapy Barry & Cardiff
The Therapy Centre: Hypnotherapy Barry & Cardiff

The Therapy Centre has an excellent location, being conveniently located close to Cardiff’s City Centre. The main roads leading to The Parade include: Newport Road A4161, City Road A4160, Fitzalan Place A4160 and West Grove.

The main trunk roads make The Therapy Centre easily accessible to districts outside of Cardiff including Barry, Bridgend, Caerphilly, Cowbridge, Cwmbran, Merthyr Tydfil, Newport, Penarth and Pontypridd.

Parking: Clients visiting the practice can benefit from free parking. The Therapy Centre car park is situated at the back of the building and can be accessed via the main entrance drive from The Parade.

Public transport: Cardiff Queen Street Station is approximately a 10 minute walk to The Therapy Centre. Trains between Cardiff Central train station and Queen Street Station leave every few minutes. There are also several Cardiff buses using the main trunk roads that stop close to The Therapy Centre.  More information can be found in your local train/bus timetable.

The Practice: The Therapy Centre offers various therapies to the local community including physiotherapy, acupuncture and osteopathy. Contact the practice for an updated list of traditional and complementary therapies on offer today. Hypnotherapy is a well-established at this practice. Richard has offered this treatment here since 1999 and prior to this at The DTR Clinic.



For further information on how hypnotherapy can help you, contact Richard J D’Souza, senior hypnotherapist at Clinical Hypnotherapy Barry & Cardiff.

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