Client Testimonials

With The Advertising Standards Authority frowning upon anonymous testimonials because of the potential for the material to be fabricated, I have (voluntarily) chosen to remove those testimonials given by previous clients who wished to remain anonymous. I am grateful to all those patients who have acknowledged my help in this way.

These genuine testimonials are from previous hypnotherapy patients in Cardiff who wish to credit my help with their personal details and have agreed to forgo their confidentiality.

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Claustrophobia is bad enough but the panic attacks it causes are scary and debilitating.

Richard gave me the understanding that I have the control to change it and through discussion and gentle persuasion helped me to identify the triggers that start the conditions and most importantly, how to manage them.

Stephan Miles, Project Manager

Having phobias nearly all my life, struggling with anxiety, panic and stress, I felt that I could not take any more.

Richard helped me by giving me coping strategies to deal with my phobias when I went out. He has helped me to come to terms with my past and helped me to deal with other situations. Discussing my problems and giving me home-tasks to do each week has helped me to live a better quality of life.

I am now much more confident and positive. Thank you.

Rosemary Gillard, Student Counsellor

I am grateful to you for your help with my situation. Hypnotherapy played a part in building my confidence.

I know a lot of psychotherapeutic theory but needed help putting my ideas into practice.

I am pleased I came to see you for those sessions on my return from Southern Africa where I had a torrid time..

Michael Picardie M.A. M.Phil., ex-senior Lecturer, University of Botswana 1995-1997

I went to see Richard at a time when I was desperate for help. I was suffering from anxiety, stress and Panic Attacks. I was paralyzed with fear especially when flying. I was taking antidepressants for years.

His sessions helped me enormously, I learned so much about myself and with his help and encouragement I overcame my fears. He has had a huge impact on my life!

He is a true professional in what he goes. I am forever grateful.

Mrs. Mary Mouzakis, Merchandiser

Following recommendation from a relative, and from one of her friends, I contacted Mr. D’Souza when having difficulty coping with gravitational eczema. Mr. D’Souza took pains to warn me not to expect improvement in the eczema itself. However, I hoped that his treatment might help to reduce the stress it caused. A few consultations were, indeed, most effective in teaching me ways to relax, calm down, and look for positive ways of dealing with problems.

Margaret Pengelly, English teacher (retired)

After joining the National Phobic’s Society, I contacted Richard D'Souza. I had emetophobia and claustrophobia and my life was not my own – I hated crowds, always had to have an end seat at the cinema, avoided certain modes of transport, and had never flown.

Therapy wasn’t always easy – I was not accustomed to talking about my phobias – but it was beneficial: my confidence grew, my creativity surfaced and my world opened up. I have not looked back since.

Mrs Lynda Nash, writer and teacher

My experience of hypnotherapy has brought many positive changes to my life. I would recommend it to all, even those who are naturally sceptic as I was myself.

Richard put me at ease straight away and has helped me achieve a much happier and relaxed lifestyle.

Dr. Jo Williams, researcher

I had a number of sessions with Mr D’Souza to help me with a phobia. I enjoyed my visits and always came away feeling relaxed and more positive.

The end result was a little short of spectacular and has often been commented on by family and friends. With Mr D’Souza’a help, I have largely conquered a fear I had been living with for very many years.

I have recommended Mr D’Souza to friends and members of my family who have been extremely happy with the therapy they received.

Jane Ovenden, Finance Officer

I was recommended sessions with Mr D’Souza by a family member. I had been suffering with an anxiety related medical condition for over 12 months and wanted to try anything to help me feel better. After just a few sessions with Mr D’Souza I was surprised at how much more relaxed I was and positive about getting better.

Mr D’Souza’s therapy has turned my life back around and with his help I am now able to control my condition and get back to the life I had before.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr D’Souza after the therapy I had and cannot thank him enough for all of his help and support in aiding me in my recovery”.

Gareth Taylor, Technician.

I visited Richard D'Souza at a time when I had suffered a bereavement and was finding it difficult to cope day to day. Losing a loved one turns you and your family's world upside down and it really helped me to talk openly to Richard and also to experience the benefit of hypnosis. He was extremely professional and showed a calm and caring nature.

Shortly after this a close friend was experiencing a difficult time and I also recommended her to Richard.

Gail Hewett, Account Manager

In the past I prided myself on being the sort of person who was able, with the help of family and friends, to cope with whatever life has in store. I did not feel that I was the kind of person who the needed ‘outside’ help.

Recent events in my life however made me realise that sometimes there is a need for professional help, help from someone who is trained to listen and who can help you find the answers you need – so thank you for helping me through a very difficult time.

G Downing, (Retired teacher)

I first came to Richard on the advice of a friend at a time when I was not sure how to find help. I had never tried hypnotherapy before but I was soon reassured that I could begin to address my concerns with Richard's expertise. His active listening skills were excellent and I soon felt sufficiently confident to bring my teenage daughter to see him as well."

Elaine Moore, Wales Director - Alliance of Sector Skills Councils

I went to Richard D’Souza for help with a phobia that I’d had since childhood. Within 5 sessions we had achieved everything that we had set out to and I was so delighted that I recommended Richard to several friends with issues ranging from giving up smoking to fear of public speaking.

His is approach is sensitive, intelligent, practical and results driven. If you have decided that enough is enough and you want to make a change for the better in your life, then Richard is the one to call.

Claire Symons, Cardiff

Mr. D'Souza was recommended to me by a friend. My daughter has benefited from his help on two separate occasions;first aged 8 and then, aged 11.The reasons we came differed but the support offered was always life enhancing. He is able to create a rapport with a child; inspire confidence and convey great empathy. He never patronises and explains the different stages of therapy,clearly.

I was able to gain useful advice which enabled me to practically support my daughter in between sessions and after they were completed.

The atmosphere he creates is safe,warm and positive. His expertise combined with his empathy and understanding has lead to real and long term improvement in my daughter's life.

I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. D'Souza and the work that he does.

Ceri Capel, ESOL teacher