Registered Hypnotherapist in Cardiff

Registered Hypnotherapist in Cardiff

Registered Hypnotherapist in Cardiff


Are you looking for a Registered Hypnotherapist in Cardiff?

Searching for a hypnotherapist in Cardiff can be a bit of a minefield. What factors are important? Is the hypnotherapist reputable and trustworthy? For how long have they been qualified? What will their treatment plan involve?

By choosing a registered hypnotherapist in Cardiff, you can be confident that you will be treated by a hypnotherapy practitioner who follows a strict professional code of conduct and ethics. This means that my principal aim is helping you accomplish what you want.


Registered Hypnotherapist in Cardiff: Achieve your goal

Registered Hypnotherapist in Cardiff
A Registered Hypnotherapist in Cardiff can help you achieve your goal

What is your therapeutic goal? You are undoubtedly seeking help to change some aspect of your thinking, your beliefs, your emotions or your behaviour. Hypnotherapy is a very popular treatment for stopping smoking, losing weight and treating phobias.

Hypnotherapy can also be effective at treating other common conditions that involve stress and anxiety. These include panic attacks, insomnia, habits, OCD and relationship issues.

When health issues are impacting on your lifestyle, it’s important to have them treated by a competent professional therapist.


Choose a registered hypnotherapist in Cardiff

Did you know that anyone can still call themselves a hypnotherapist? If you want to set up a hypnotherapy practice, you can read a few books, learn a few hypnotherapy scripts and armed with your confidence, you can promote your commercial title as a “hypnotherapist”.

Fortunately, over the last twenty years, various hypnotherapy associations like the General Hypnotherapy Register, The International Hypnotherapy Association and the Complementay and Natural Healthcare Council have helped hypnotherapy become a recognised profession. Hypnotherapy Associations have taken steps to regulate the standards of hypnotherapy training and qualification and to supervise professional hypnotherapy practise after qualification. You can be assured that when you are treated by a registered hypnotherapist in Cardiff, this therapist meets the required professional criteria to help you achieve your goal.

By choosing a registered hypnotherapist in Cardiff, you can trust that this hypnotherapist has passed a recognised qualification, continues to actively develop their knowledge and skills, and use professionally recognised techniques to help you achieve your goal.


Change your thinking…Change your life!


Richard J D’Souza: a senior registered hypnotherapist in Cardiff

When you are selecting a registered hypnotherapist in Cardiff, you may also want to establish other important criteria. By choosing a senior registered hypnotherapist, you can be confident that you will benefit from at least 15 years experience of successfully treating hundreds of patients and treating various conditions. This will ensure that your goal can be achieved using the most effective hypnotherapy techniques and any underlying relevant issues will be addressed in your treatment plan.


For further information on how hypnotherapy can help you, contact Richard J D’Souza, senior registered hypnotherapist for Hypnotherapy Cardiff.


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