Hypnotherapy Practitioner in Cardiff

Hypnotherapy Practitioner in Cardiff

Choosing a Hypnotherapy Practitioner in Cardiff

Choosing the right Hypnotherapy Practitioner in Cardiff can make a world of a difference to the outcome. If you’ve never had a hypnotherapy consultation before then use this guide to help you make a more informed choice.

Even if your previous hypnotherapy course wasn’t a success, it doesn’t necessarily mean that hypnotherapy is not for you – it’s more about choosing the right Hypnotherapy Practitioner in Cardiff.


Hypnotherapy Practitioner in Cardiff
Decide your goal before employing a Hypnotherapy Practitioner in Cardiff

What is your goal?

Before making contact with a hypnotherapist, consider what you want from your treatment. Read about your condition and speak to some people who can help you to understand the nature of your condition e.g. your GP. You are experiencing your condition on the inside (subjectively). Often, the sufferer mistakenly considers the symptom to be the cause of their condition. There may be an emotion that is directing your behaviour.

Is your therapeutic goal realistic? Expecting a personality change from a hypnotherapy practitioner in Cardiff is unlikely to happen. But wanting to make a change in one part of your life is realistically achievable. Even if you can tick several of the boxes on the conditions list, identify your primary goal. Good questions to ask yourself include: When you have achieved your goal what will have changed? What can you do now that you have made this change? Your answer is likely to be related to your thoughts, feelings and behaviour e.g. I am a non-smoker.


Make some enquiries

First ask around if your family or friends know of a hypnotherapy practitioner in Cardiff. Getting a personal recommendation from a friend or family member can indicate that this hypnotherapist is trustworthy.

Each patient responds differently to hypnosis and to the individual hypnotherapist conducting the consultations. So aim to keep an open mind about how your own personal experience will compare to your referrer’s experience. If your friend made a dramatic change using hypnotherapy, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will respond in the same way. Everyone is different. Overly high expectations can hinder your own progress because you are overly focused on just “getting there”. There will be several reasons why your condition and response to treatment will be different.

If you are searching online for a hypnotherapy practitioner in Cardiff, then take your time to do your research. A professional-looking website will say something about the hypnotherapist’s presentation and attention to detail; a part-time hypnotherapist may not be as committed. The website should “feel” right on a commercial level when browsing, but other more important details should convince you to employ them (Registered practitioner, see below).


What information is important?

There are certain details on a website that are extremely important when choosing a Hypnotherapy Practitioner in Cardiff.

Registered Practitioner: Genuine registered practitioners will have their names listed on their Hypnotherapy Association’s website. Many of the Hypnotherapy Association websites have a link back to the Hypnotherapist’s website. Some of the more established Associations include the Hypnotherapy Association, General Hypnotherapy Register and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. Being listed can give you confidence that the hypnotherapist is qualified, registered and insured and that they follow a strict code of ethics and professional conduct. It also identifies that the hypnotherapist maintains Continuous Professional Development. Some Associations request that the Hypnotherapist is also CRB checked.

Don’t be swayed just by “letters” after a hypnotherapist’s name. Most of these “letters” simply reflect the Association registration details e.g. MHA shows that the hypnotherapist is a registered Member of the Hypnotherapy Association).

Testimonials: You would expect to see a few testimonials written from previous patients if a hypnotherapist is experienced and competent. But when compared to employing a Plumber or Electrician, most therapy patients are not always proud of needing therapy in the first place. In addition to this, many issues are sensitive and confidential and so very few people want to make their issues public. In my opinion, getting a genuine testimonial is rare.

Hypnotherapy Practice: You may prefer to be treated in a professional Therapy Centre rather than someone’s house. Clarify this if their location is vague on their website i.e. they say they “practice in Cardiff” without specifying the type of premises or the specific location.


Ask some questions…

When you have created your Hypnotherapy Practitioner in Cardiff shortlist, spend some time asking questions either by email, telephone or in person. Most therapists are happy to spend a few minutes discussing your issues and your suitability for treatment.

Ask them about how they treat your condition and what hypnotherapy techniques they use. Be wary of a hypnotherapist who advertises a fixed course of treatment e.g. one session to treat a phobia. Without them knowing your medical history, they won’t know how much your goal is affected by other health issues. Realistically, they may be able to estimate the number of treatment sessions, but use this as a guide. Saying that they treat a condition in a specified time does not necessarily mean that it can be done successfully in that time; it just implies their approach to your condition. What research have they done to verify this? If they have done research, all hypnotherapists and the NHS would be using these methods!

Be wary of any specific advertising of “cures” and “permanent changes”. If their treatment is that reliable, then research will have been completed and presented in a journal. If they advertise a “guarantee”, ask for it in writing before making a booking so that you can clearly see the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions would also be important if a hypnotherapist offers an upfront payment for a discounted course of treatment e.g. six sessions for the price of five. Can you stop the therapy if you are unhappy with how the course is progressing?

After having contacted your hypnotherapy practitioner in Cardiff and discussed your condition, you are more likely to book an appointment if your expectation has been raised. If not, think about it and ask them some more questions. Only book when you are ready.


For further information on how a hypnotherapy practitioner in Cardiff can help you, contact Richard J D’Souza – NHS senior registered Clinical Hypnotherapist


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